Theme: The Human Chain

Tim Inkster

Tim is a printer/publisher in Erin Ontario. I have at least a dozen of his books. All jewels.

Bens restaurant, Montreal

Bens De Luxe Delicatessen and Restaurant. Famous for its Montreal style smoked meat sandwich and the celebrity customers. Unfortunately it closed in 2006.

Lunch Break

Lunch break with the news

big dinner table

This is Beaches B&B in Iqaluit, Nunavut. It is on Baffin Island near the Arctic Circle, west of Greenland. When bad weather arrives, flights are cancelled because flying instruments don’t work well in permafrost areas and the few B&Bs get filled up. Then everyone at the same time has a story.

Truckstop in Yemen

Jon, sitting on the bench thinking, was then assoc. professor (history and Middle East studies) at Portland State University. Here, in Yemen he was director of American Institute for Yemeni Studies. I listened while we drove the rocky roads of Yemen to what he thought could be the ancient city of Sheba.

Hennah Draaibaar

Hennah Draaibaar, journalist, Paramaribo, Suriname.

‘Before the military coup of February 25, 1980, we had a lively film culture. The coup included a curfew at dusk, when people would be going to the latest Hollywood thriller. Theatres had to close their doors.

‘in 2012 my husband and I started a film company, The Back Lot, to get the film industry back on its feet. The last film we helped produce was The Old Man Who Read Love Stories, filmed in French Guiana, our neighbour, and starred Richard Dreyfuss.’

James Hill

James: Great artist, lots of awards, artist of the year once at the Society of Illustrators in New York. He was teaching art when I was asked to sketch him for a publication. We met in a bar in downtown Toronto. I sat on a barstool and began. At one point I reached in my pocket and pulled out an eraser. He looked at it and shouted, ‘None of my students are allowed to use those!’ It went back into my pocket. Listen to the great ones.

Lucie Idlout

Lucie, singer, songwriter. ‘I wrote a song called, “Lovely Irene,” (It’s on youtube). A lyrical illustration about Irene and her husband, which was abuse. I got to work with the young Iqaluit choir. We rehearsed it several times. You know how kids are, unfocused, fidgety, but they picked it up just like that. Children always suffer. They somehow knew the power of the story. That moment I will never forget.’

Maartin Alberga

Maartin, ex-gold miner. Spaniards discovered Guyana about 1500. Pizarro listened zealously as Indians told of a powerful Inca king who bathed in a golden lake and draped himself in gold. The rush for this metal is still present today. Martin had seen all the hazards and hard work. I talked to him when he was relaxing in Paramaribo at his B&B – Downtown Oasis.

Taxi Driver

Taxi driver, Suriname

Chuck relaxing

Chuck, American university student in Yemen


Working in Calcutta


Dancer in Thailand